Difference Between Dilly Worms and Nightcrawlers

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What is the difference between dilly Worms and Nightcrawlers? Is there any website that can inform me well?

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    Fishermen often bait their snares with nightcrawlers, or Lumbricus terrestris. These large earthworms can augment to 10 inches long. Children who fish often use lesser, juvenile nightcrawlers, called dillies. Size Dillies are about 2 to 4 inches in extent, while Canadian nightcrawlers utilised as bait generally run 5 to 8 inches. Function Dillies (also renowned as dillys) are utilised to apprehend trout, sunfish and bluegills, while nightcrawlers can be utilised to apprehend these and catfish and pike as well. Geography Often called Canadian nightcrawlers, Lumbricus terrestris can be selected off areas and lawns in the northeastern United States. Night pickers collection them commercially in Ontario, Canada. Cost Nightcrawlers normally cost between $2.50 and $3.50 per dozen, while a cup of 15 dillies might run the same. Fun Fact trade items about $20 million worth of nightcrawlers to the United States annually.

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