Did my vein pop?

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Ok, so I was scratching myself with scissors (cuz im depressed for a reason tht i dnt want to talk about and i'm emo even my mom said i was emo) and nothing bad happened... there were just scratch marks and my arm looked red as if I had a rash or a mosquito bite..well laater my scissors poked me really hard in the skin in my arm but when they left my skin, there was no cut at all. but then i started to hurt a little bit on my arm then my stomach? i dont get that. does that mean a vein popped or am i just paranoid? or did the poke just hurt me? will i be okay? or will i die? :(

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  1. Reylon

     To Guest25033315: You just don't get it do you. Do u really wanna kow why ppl cut themselves? here are some reasons, (and GIRL, these people don't deserve to be called stupid and die they need help and for someone to care for them.. not to tell them off!):

    1) They are g*y, L*****n, or bi

    2) They lost a loved one (such as a bf, family member, or a friend)

    3) They have things going on at home (such as abusive parents)

    4) They feel guilty about something that they did, or something very bad and emotional that happened

    5) Their bf/gf cheated on them, or they are getting rejected by a girl/boy

    6) They are getting bullied

    7) if they feel depressed anjd nobdy cares or listens to them, they cut themselves so ppl can understand and know and figure out how badly they fel about their situation... not for attention! these ppl cut themselves for a reason and its to get some help! To the girl that asked the question: Babe, go to a doctor

  2. Guest25033315

    to ashton: keep tryna convince this girl tht she has a whole live ahead of her and she doesnt deserve to die. dang, it would affect a lot of ppl if she commited suicide! Girl, all this cutting, emo c**p, depressed lives, and suicide needs to stop now.. seriously? your not even old enough to know whats its like to own a have your own house... to have your own money so you an get all the things u want (as long as ur careful) and u already want to die? don't be like that. snap out of it because if you don't your mom is going to take you to a doctor for medical help and without a doubt, even if u do decide to stop cutting urself, I know u need that help..

  3. Guest25030943

    To Ashton: How do u know diz gurl?? & To the girl tht asked the question: I think ur just paranoid.. Veins are deep into your skin they don't pop that easily..

  4. Guest25029355
    u could be paranoid. im pretty sure blood doesnt go in the stomach
  5. Guest25028755

    & I know this girl she goes to my school and she is cutting herself for 5 reasons..

  6. Guest25028755

    Omg ashton is soo right.. I had cut myself for the 2nd (second) reason..

  7. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    To Guest25027988
    , I know.. But these are reasons ppl cut themselves (& I know ppl think this is stupid as h**l, but for the 100th time, these ppl r in danger and are in need of help!):

    1) They are g*y, L*****n, or bi

    2) Their bf/gf cheated on them, or they are being rejected by a girl/boy

    3) They feel guilty about something they did or something bad or emotional that happened

    4) They lost a loved one (it could be a family member, a bf/gf, or just a friend in general)

    5) They have things going on at home (such as abusive parents)

    6) They are getting bullied

    7) If they feel depressed about something and nobody listens to them or understands, they cut themself so ppl can UNDERSTAND how BADLY they FEEL

  8. Guest25027988


  9. Guest25027852

    Please don't commit suicide you are only 13!!

  10. Guest25027771

    To Ashton&Guest25027565:

    I really hate to say this, but Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to convince ppl to stop being emo, depressed, and cutting themselves, you can't.. Plus, I heard being depressed is a common fact about teens... Hope It gets Better...

  11. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    Thx, bro & Ya i'm sure it would affect a lor of ppl if she killed herself

  12. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    Thx, bro & Ya i'm sure it would affect a lot of ppl if she killed herself

  13. Guest25027565

    Ok.. go up to her and tell her to think about all the ppl it would affect if she killed herself.. it would hurt her family, all her friends, and you like h**l.. & That she would regret it later on.. Tell her that if something bad happens to her, crying, cutting yourself, and comitting suicide is not the answer to solve any problems. Tell her that she should not be dpressed, and that she should be happy. Tell her that she is a good person and that God loves her,  he will always be with her, and watch her. Tell her that She is beautiful inside and out and doesn't deserve to die.. tell her that everyone in this world gets only 1 chance to live on Earth and that we all have to decide whether we want to live a good life or a bad life. Tell her we are supossed to enjoy life.. not destroy it.

  14. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    Really? How?

  15. Guest25027545

    I'm Alex & I asked cuz I know how to get her to stop to the point where she will never cut or scratch herself again.. & like everyone else is saying, I know ppl think this is stupid as h**l, but in reality, ppl like this girl need help... not to be ignored or abondoned

  16. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    To Guest25027522
    Um, yes I know her.. Why? & WHO are you??

  17. Guest25027522

    To Ashton: d**n, U know this chick!?!!??!!!??

  18. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    I admit, I do know this girl, too.. I think when we go back to school, i'm going to tell the counselor about her so she can talk to her before it gets violent.. I'm a great friend and I'm telling u, I would do ANYTHING to keep someone alive... I would even die for a friend or gf if I had to..

  19. Guest25026262

    To JONAS: Yeah, I know this girl that asked the question, too... shes my ex- girlfriend.. But I wanna get back w/her.. & I did not know she scratched herself she never told me that!! Was it a secret or what?

  20. Jonas

    I feel bad 4 this chick... & whoever is tryna convince her to stay alive.. keep doing that! Please!

    P.S. I know this girl she goes to my school we have classes together and we always talk @ lunch.. shes fun to be around and she always cheers everybody up.. i'd say shes pretty popular....but now... something happened thats only inbetween me, her, and some others.. :(

  21. Guest25026052

    i agree w/reylon's answer, dnt commit suicide u have a whole life ahead of u!!** but i dnt get it...& I think u poked urself on the stomach without realizing it cuz u said both ur arm&stomach hurt..and no ur vein didn't pop(:

  22. Reylon

    After my own MOM read this question and all the answers this is what she says:

    Teens and under are too young to:

    1)  Get in fights

    2) Become emo & depressed

    3) Commit suicide

    4) Fall in love

    5) Get into drugs and drink

    6) WORRY about everything else but yourself

    She says that because we aren't old enough to know what love is, nobody should commit suicide, and most importantly because... everyone is supossed to ENJOY life, not DESTROY it!

  23. Guest25025984

    No, your vein didn't pop because if it did, you would have felt bleeding on the inside, very hot, and you would have had a bruise or mark somewhere..but please don't scratch yourself because it will go from scratching, to cutting, to scraping, to actually killing yoursel before you haven't even lived your life yet! Bcuz ur young. I only know cuz u said u were 13 on the answer at the very bottom.. DON'T COMMIT SUICIDE.. I know what i'm saying u WILL regret it... and why are you soo depressed, anyway??

  24. Guest25025372

    I became emo and depressed last semester... still am.. Today was the first day I started scratching myself.. I hope I don't die because something really bad happened to me and I wish someone would just listen to me and what I have to say! Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. CoolGirl95

    I just turned 13 in Jan. and I was depressed too, once.. It was stupid..I wanted to cut myself but instead I scrtached myself like you..But I now know that I have a whole life ahead of me and don't want to die before my love life, my job, and my whole entire future is ruined

  26. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    I def. agree with the answer, below.. I know ppl say scratching or cutting yourself on purpose is stupid... but people like you need serious help and to be supervised at all times just to make sure your safe because this scratching you do can lead to cutting, then to commiting suicide. I suggest you tell yuor parents, a trusted adult, or a close friend how you feel, why your depressed, and ask how you can stop this because this scratching will lead to cutting if you don't do anything about it

  27. Guest25025311

    Hey, Hey. Why are you depressed? You shouldn't be. Especially at 13 since your young. I know I sound like i'm an adult just by the way i'm wording my answer/talking to you, but in reality, i'm 13 and in junior high, too. My mom says that since we are young, we should enjoy ourselves now that we can. & no, you did not pop your vein because if you did, you would probably feel bleeding on the inside, quite hot and possibly also look bruised. But I really do think you should stop scratching yourself with scissors. I know ppl say its stupid, but in reality, ppl like you need serious help!! Not abandoned!

  28. Guest25025183

    Hi im the same girl that asked the question. By the way im 13 yrs old in middle school but still help me out here

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