Did anybody see Tim Russerts son Luke on the Matt Lauer show?

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Tim Russert son Luke, acknowledged by all who knew him as the pride of Tim life, appeared on the 16th june 2008 show Monday morning to remember his dad. Luke and his mom, Maureen Orth, were in Italy on Friday when Tim collapsed at NBC Washington bureau and died — and while they have relayed messages through close family friends (like Mike Barnicle), this is the first public appearance either has made.
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  1. Guest7076
    I just watched a video of the entire interview on the web page. Look for the title (there are lots to choose from) click on Matt Lauer & the video will start. For an 18 yr old kid he was very composed and articulate. I was impressed.

  2. Guest4899
    Yes! He seems like such a nice young man. I've been watching MSNBC all weekend and have been able to keep composure, but while watching this morning I started to cry. It was hard to hear Luke speak of his dad in the past tense.
  3. Guest5996
    whats the matt lauer show?

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