Did I do the right thing by charging my physically and emotionally abusive boyfriend??

by quicksilverchick88  |  9 years, 5 month(s) ago

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two months ago I broke up with my ex who mentally, emotionally and physically abused me... He has kicked me, pushed me to the ground, picked me up and threw me, threatened to kill me and my dad, tried to kill himself cause i had tried leaving before...left bruises on me from grabbing me to hard and from slapping me so hard...All of this happened over a 5 month period and yah I did wrong things to I threw my phone at him and i have slapped him. I never ever called him the names he called me though or accused him of anything. Yah we all make mistakes and I know I made some in our relationship. He always got so jealous of any guys that talked to me. One of my bestfriends is a guy and he got so mad at me for talkign to him. I had to quit my modeling and take all my pics off fbook and also quit my job at the bar I worked at because he didnt want me there. When it came to my schooling he said we'd have to break up because I would probably meet someone new when I go back to school.
When it was good our relationship was magical...but when it was bad it seemed the devil was living inside him. Besides the physical part he would punch his walls and doors, and destroy my personal belongings.

After I broke up with him I did try for about a week to get him back because I missed my bestfriend so much and I was so lonely...I missed him more then anything. But everyday he would keep making me feel so worthless so the one day I had enough and finally sat down with my dad and told him what had been happening for so long and my dad called the cops. The cops gave him a warning to not contact me whats so ever. He then started dating a new girl right away.Then about a week went by and after talking to so many people I decided to have him charged...
Now i am wondering if I did the right thing because I feel so bad:( I have ruined his life by doing that and maybe I'm feeling the regret cause I miss him so so much and miss the amazing times we had and all the great things he did do for me...
Am I crazy for thinking this way?? Should I not?? Did I do the right thing??
I still am so in love with him and if he could change and we could change as a couple id love to be with him again...but I doubt it will ever happen after all this mess:( Someone please help...!

(im sorry this is so all over the place, my mind is just a mess)

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