Diaspora Releasing Private Alpha Invites.

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Diaspora Releasing Private Alpha Invites. What are Private Alpha Invites? Someone kindly tell me about Diaspora Private Alpha Invites.

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    About six months ago, four New York University students rose up in the midst of one of many Facebook privacy crises to launch an idea for their own Facebook alternative, Diaspora. Today, they’re releasing the first set of invites for the alpha version of the site. Back in May, Facebook (Facebook) users got all hot and bothered when the social networking site launched its Open Graph API and brought instant personalization to the web. A “Quit Facebook Day” was planned and subsequently failed because like every other innovation the social network has introduced, people got used to it. Regardless of the success (or lack thereof) of the exodus, college kids Daniel Grippi, Maxwell Salzberg, Ilya Zhitomirskiy and Raphael Sofaer were able to capitalize on the buzz and discontent, collecting ample funds from fundraising platform Kickstarter to launch their own social network, Diaspora.

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