Movie with teens bullying each other .

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I watched a movie some time ago, it was about teenage party where things went terribly wrong, Can you tell about the name of the movie in which there was bullying involved at the party.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    It is movie named “The last Day of Summer” which is a TV movie and it was broadcasted by Nickelodeon. It was released on July 20, 2007. The main idea of the movie was taken from the movie Groundhog Day which was 1993 film. The movie is about a kid named Luke Malloy whose real name is Jansen Panettiere. The story is about a kid who wishes that every day should be the last day of summer vacation. To make it happen he had to dodge each and every obstacles every day. Luke was preparing for a sleepover with his friends whose name is A.J and Riley. The last date of summer vacation was 31st August. They were about to enter the first day of their high school. Diana has already warned him about the dangers of high schools. She warned him of the bully and told him that the new students were get bullied by the senior agents.
    At the show which was held for the new students, Luke also went for a performance, while he was performing for the talent show, he accidently hit his head with a wooden plank and he became unconscious, after recovering from the incident he found out that all the students were gathered around him and he had to re-do all the things which he was doing.

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