Detailed description of the ring hammer crusher

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Ring hammer crusher can be divided into heavy and light two kinds. Light hammer crusher, commonly called hammer crusher, applies to crush materials with mohs hardness secondary. Heavy hammer breaking machine is suitable for brittle material with mohs hardness under five.

Ring hammer crusher crushes materials by the cracking with the highly rotating hammer. It is simple in structure and has a large crushing ratio, high production efficiency. Ring hammer crusher can be used for crushing materials in dry and wet two forms. Ring hammer crusher is widely used for the fine crushing materials of medium hardness and brittleness in mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, roads, fuel and other departments. The gap of a ring hammer crusher grate can be adjusted according to the requirements of users as well as the size of the materials to meet the different needs of different users.

Here are the main application of the ring hammer crusher:

Ring hammer crusher is mainly used for crushing various mid-hard and weak abrasive materials. The compressive strength of the materials does not exceed 100MPa and the moisture content of the materials should be less than 15%. The generally crushed material include coal, salt, chalk, plaster, brick, limestone and so on. It is also used to crush fiber structure, strong flexibility and toughness broken wood, paper or broken asbestos cement waste for recycling asbestos fiber and so on. In addition, the ring hammer crusher canbe used for crushing materials not only in the production line, sand production line, but also in mineral production line taking the place of cone crusher.

The main working parts of the ring hammer crusher is the rotor with hammer. The Rotor is mainly composed by the spindle, disk, pin and hammer components. The motor drives the rotor rotate at a high speed in the crushing cavity. Materials feed into the crusher from the upper mouth and crushed by the blow, impact, shear, abrasive and grinding with the high-speed rotating hammer. In the lower part of the rotor, there installs with sieve plate, the size of the crushing grain materials is less than that of which will be discharged through the sieve, the size larger will remain on the sieve to have a continuously grinding by a hammer blow, and finally will be discharged out through the sieve plate.

roll crusher:

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