Detail about the exterior accessories of Honda FIT 2011

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My younger son wants to know the information about the exterior accessories of Honda FIT 2011. Can someone please tell me some information about exterior accessories of Honda FIT? I hope you can help me about it.

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  1. Judi

    Here is the following list of some exterior accessories of Honda FIT 2011 model,
    MUGEN Rear under Spoiler
    Aggressive aerodynamic fashioning for your Fit Sport, Available in all Fit Sport colors to agree manufacturer finish. In supplement, front and edge kits are available.
    MUGEN Side Spoiler
    Available in all FIT Sport colors to agree manufacturer complete In supplement, front and back kits are available.
    MUGEN Front under Spoiler
    Sporty fashioning devotes the vehicle a made-to-order look.
    16" Alloy Wheels
    Alloy Wheels undergo tough checking to agree the strong obligations as asserted by your Honda FIT.
    Splash Guards
    Splash Guards give your Honda a large gaze and the defence they supply assists to hold the complete looking sharp.
    Chrome Exhaust Finisher
    Give your Fit a perfected look
    Carbon Fiber B-Pillar Trim
    Add an exclusive hard-hitting made-to-order gaze to your FIT.
    Sport Grille
    The Sport Grille is flawlessly matched.
    Fog Lights
    Fog Lights are large for chopping through harmful climate situation and aiding your visibility
    Full Nose Mask
    Choose the gaze for you! The Full Nose Mask will hold your FIT looking like new.
    Door Edge Film
    The Door Edge Film adds decorate defense to your doorway for demonstration with a clear product.
    Body Side Molding
    The Body Side Molding accentuates the Fit's styling



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