Designer Solar Lighting That Amazes

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Designer Solar Lighting That Amazes

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  1. Red Brick
    Solar lighting has become a favourite with a select lot of global cities. Although it has not caught pace with solar heaters, solar lighting ensures that green dream of not having to pay for electricity, not having to burden resources or build dams only to produce power. And not use up precious coal from the earth for thermal power. course, the global appeal of switching off lights to save money by polluting less persists. But how about getting innovative with solar lighting, not just get preachy about it? Zava and VP Solar, have brought about PV.LED solar street furniture LED photovoltaic. Their new line includes Atollo, Giro and `813’. In Atollo, with its big frame and zig-zag looking structure, a set of 30 LEDs turn an effective beam of light.

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