Describe a healthy person?

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I am a student of medicine and need to write an essay on the topic describe a healthy person? Is there anyone who can help me please with complete details?

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  2. Angelina

     Health is characterized as mental, personal and communal well being, and not only the nonattendance of any illness. So a wholesome individual should be feeling well brain, bodily and socially.
    An individual who is fit, powerful, refrigerator is full of wholesome nourishment, beverages not less than 1 to 5 water containers a day, and furthermore wholesome in the brain.
    We can furthermore state that a communally wholesome individual is somebody who can get along with other ones, doesn't contend certainly and allotments of persons to believe, and accept as factual in them.
    Health and fitness proceed hand in hand, though they're vitally not the identical thing. Either way, they are two goals that the most of us strive for over the long period and in our every day lives. So what makes a individual healthy? The number of delineations is infinite, counting on the source.
    My know-how with listed dietitians, medical practitioners, trainers, and medically taught experts has assisted pattern my general comprehending of health. But the reality is, individual well being counts considerably on the individual. So the only factual way to find "health" is to gaze at your own annals and lifestyle.
    That being said, somebody who is fit and wholesome consumes a balance, diverse, and wholly nutritious array of nourishment with the not-so-nutritious delicacies in moderation. They groundwork the centre of their diet round entire kernels, fruits and vegetables, thin meats and proteins, low-fat dairy, and unsaturated wholesome fats. Their diet doesn't constraint them, but they make intelligent and wholesome nourishment alternatives as best they can.


  3. Guest10478986
    how can you describe a socially healthy person?

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