Deperately trying to get clear concise pictures of jewelery to post on ebay.

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I am desperately trying to take pictures of shiny silver jewelry with gemstones for e=bay and cannot get past the glare. Ive tried shadow boxes, diffuses light, bright light, all I get is a silver smudge, no indication of gemstones, hard to see silver detail. Please give me some tips ive read your book cover to cover at least 4 times. By the way, I'm not professional trained as you well know I just need some really good advice. This jewelery is costing me a fortune, is slow or fast shutter speed better, less or no light, flash or no flash, Should i buy a better camera? This one works fine on everything but my livelyhood jewelry. Any Ideas by they are gemstone rings reflect light alot i get the stone usually bt none of the details or the settings completely washing out the stone....WHAT AM I DOING WRONG. PA customer needs some advice fast

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