Dell Optical USB Mouse randomly jumps to another location. What is solution?

by Guest676963  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I have a Dell Optical USB Mouse (DP/N: OT0943) and when using sometimes the Mouse cursor will randomly jump to another location on the screen. If I am playing WOW it will cause the character to spin. What is causing this?

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    If your mouse is connected to the PS/2 port, there should be no problem, but if youu're connected to a USB port, the jump in problem with cursor is normal.To resolve this issue, download the latest version of the mouse software from Dell website. Or in other case, you can try getting a USB to PS/2 adapter and use the mouse on the PS/2 port. (The round port behind the tower where you plug in the mouse). Doing this will resolve your issue!

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