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Thanks so much for volunteering your time to help. When I was a child, back in 1972-3, I watched a few minutes of an old film before having to leave for some event with the rest of the family. We had an old B&W television, so I cannot say whether the film was originally B&W or color. It could have been made anytime from the late 30s to the 50s. I do not believe it could have been an early 60s movie, but I could be mistaken. I did not see the title, was too young to know any of the actors, and have been trying in vain to learn the title of this film so that I can hopefully track it down and add it to my collection. It was very near the beginning of film, I believe, when I tuned it, because I caught the plot setup:

A boy is with his grandfather when the grandfather either discovers, or perhaps reveals, to the boy his ability to trap anyone in a particular fruit tree--I believe it was an apple tree--just by giving a verbal command (which I also cannot remember). He demonstrates it on a boy(s) who are in the tree without permission to help themselves to the fruit. He can release the captive again by saying so verbally. So Grandfather traps Death. After some time the boy and his Grandfather are convinced Death is who he says he is--and now no one and no living being are dying--because Death no longer is at liberty to carry out his duty.

The Grandfather, at one point, is in a bar trying to demonstrate the absence of Death in the world by showing that not even a fly can be drowned in a mug of beer. The patrons think the fly is dead, but it turns out the fly is merely severely intoxicated. The twist in the plot occurs when a child is severely injured--I cannot remember if this was the grandson or another boy. Turns out that the grandfather is shown--with the patient tutelage of Death that death can be merciful and does indeed have its place in the world, despite the sorrow it brings.

I saw no more, but I was assuming that the grandfather was on the verge of releasing Death from the fruit tree thus allowing the injured child to die and to allow the normal life-death cycle to once again resume. Unfortunately, that is the sum of the plot that I can remember. I have been casually asking about this, and now in recent years, poking about the internet in search of this in excess of 30 years. I am not even certain under which category to request assistance. I do wish I could provide more information in order to narrow the search. If you have so much as a lead, I would be most grateful!

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  1. John

    Hello Michelle

    It sounds like the 1939 film \"On Borrowed Time, which starred Lionel Barry more as \"Gramps\" and Sir Cedric Hardwicke as \"Mr. Brink\", an agent of Death.

    Have a look at the following site

    Glad to be of help


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