Steering problem in my Plymouth.

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I recently bought a new car well new to me. It is actually a 98 Plymouth Breeze. When I purchased it nothing seemed to be a problem until recently. I do not know much if anything really about cars so please keep this in mind. Well first of all I lost my silver cap/rim thing and I obviously need to replace it, however I was wondering if you knew the approximate cost. Also I am not too sure if this has anything to do with tires but when I drive my steering wheel pulls to the right. I am thinking maybe I need an alignment or something. I know I am horrible with this. Well if you can help me it would be well appreciated.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The first thing that you have to do is to go for alignment of your car. There are some problems which can be resolved by that , the pulling of car on one side tells that the alignment of your car is out. The second thing that you need to do and check is to go for checking the chassis and the front suspension of the car. In case If you had an accident then it might be reason that due to some defect in the chassis that is hampering the movement of the car. Also try to get it checked from Plymouth Dealer
    Swap the front tires side to side. If the pull changes then it's tires. If not, it's vehicle, probably alignment. And the silver cap? I suggest you go to a junk yard, er, auto recycling center. They should be able to hook you up pretty cheap.

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