Barry Manilow special on Showtime in 1981

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In 1981 I had the pleasure of watching a Barry Manilow special on Showtime. I believe it was filmed in Pittsburgh PA. and was at an arena. It was an In the round setup with the stage in the center of the arena. It was by far the best recorded Manilow video performance that I have seen and included the only rendition that I think of If I Should Love Again that he has ever put on video. My question is if you know perhaps there are any plans to ever release that concert on DVD, or if there is any place I can get a VHS or DVD copy of it?

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  1. Harry

    There is no doubt about the fact that the performance of Barry in the special program of Showtime, back in 1981 in Pittsburg PA was probably one of the best ever performance by him. It has been 30 years but most of his fans seem to remember his that performance like anything. It was by all means fantastic to say the least. There is a very rare chance that the show will be available on DVD. Even if it is available, the print may not be a very good one that anyone can enjoy watching. In order to find a VHS copy of that concert, the best way is to search on eBay, as someone is always selling something of Barry on there. However, one can never be hundred percent sure of the availability on eBay.

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