Dayton Motor Wiring Question- Reversing. model 6k778j how to reverse?

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model 6k778j how to reverse?

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  1. Guest28356391

     Go away, Ali. This is a reversible, split phas motor. If you had bothered to look it up you would have found the wiring diagram at .


  2. Guest22607316

    My Dayton Motor 6K778J is struggling to work. The pull isn't as strong as it used to be. I would like suggestions of what the problem could be, and how to troubleshoot.

  3. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, What you have is a "set" rotation motor. My guess is this was originally a pump or compressor motor. It is not user reversable. Have a look here, to see what is involved in reversing the motor. These instructions will probaly not be useful to your motor, as they were given for a motor that already had one start lesd brought out and numbered.

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