Davy Jones and his family

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I have my question regarding the family of famous English pop singer-songwriter and actor best known as a member of The Monkees. The question I have is that do you know why Davy does not give any information about his Daughter Jessica? There has never been even a photo of her seen for quite a longtime. Besides, are his sisters much older and doing well?

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  1. Harry

     This cannot be stated with much surety and authority that why Jessica’s information was taken off David's website unless she asked for it to be removed to allow her and her son Phoenix to have their privacy. David talks about her often and is quite proud of her and his grandson. David's sisters are all older. Hazel is the oldest and I just talked to her on the phone two weeks ago. All are doing well and were preparing for the christening that Sunday of niece (David's godchild) Beverly's daughter who was named for David's oldest daughter and Hazel's daughter who passed away of MS. Linda did own a boutique at one time and it is believed that she still does and Anita got her degree in art a few years ago and is working in that capacity, probably in a museum. Besides, Annabel is pursuing a career in music. She was recently part of a musical showcase for young singer songwriters in England where she did very well performing her own songs. She is also in an all girl band where she plays drums. She has been in L.A recently checking out the music scene. She is very talented and last year joined her father on stage at Epcot.

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