Daughters being a little too close?

by vashat33  |  9 years ago

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it's not possible for me to say that I am questioning whether my daughter should be as close as they are but… as my oldest girl passed 10 years old, she began to take her sister with her into her room after showers or before bed, which is fine except now that she's 12 and my youngest is eight, my oldest daughter always closes the door behind her.

I used to know exactly what they were up to but it was fine because my oldest daughter was taking care of her little sister.
Now, and forgive me for misunderstanding some mystical sisterly relationship, they spend a lot of time in there panties together, then they're quite cuddly… Which is the same stuff that's been going on since the beginning.

I don't know, I just walked in to my eldest daughter's room one night at the usual time that she dresses for bed and she was knelt down, over my eight-year-old, nuzzling and kissing her. They were laughing and everything, it's just that my youngest daughters panties were hanging onto one of her legs, so they had been taken off.

How the h**l do I slow this train down?

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  1. Guest23524965

    Hey it's not a fun between both. So you must stop her for doing so. Your elder daughter is 12 years old and she must be listen and understand you.


  2. Guest23524435

    dont slow the train down u should be happy they are being very happy help them along tell them it ok what they are doing an they can leave the door open an tell them two you want to watch some time an it ok for they to walk around the house in the nude to they will love you for it have fun good luck

  3. ZZ

     Well think i bit more broader and you will realize that there is no such love like this between sister. They love cannot be explained but still the things you told are not a normal human behavior.

    You know what i mean to say you should stop your daughter's in a way that they should understand you with out creating any sort of hatred about you. 
    There should be love among the sister's and same way among the brother's and like wise in brother and sister but the things you just stated are not socialized behavior.  
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