I need an acting agent for my daughter

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I am getting my six year old daughter into acting. How to I find a good acting agent. I hear so many bad things about the bigger ones in my area (Houston, TX) that they are scams because they require certain amount of money and acting classes before they will represent you.

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  1. John

    Dear Jammie,

    Getting an agent can be tough and frustrating, but it has to be done to be successful. Recognizing scams can be hard too, they are often well hidden and you cannot see them until it is too late. Fortunately, though they can be spotted with certain help. First there is the obvious thing to look at price.

    A reasonable headshot price would usually rank around $300-$1000, depending on the quality and who took them. Headshots can be priced above $1500, usually a scam artist looking for extra cash they do not deserve. Agents can charge hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to represent you.. Agents are usually free, other than headshots.

    Requirements of an agent, such as acting classes, can sometimes be scam artists, but are usually just picky agents. Some scam artists might recommend a certain place to some actor for acting classes. This can be so that the agent them self, or the scam artist in this case, can get the money directly from the usually crappy acting classes. They work as a team. Other agents, picky ones you might call them, get you to take acting classes either because they want you to work on something or it is a mandatory requirement to get represented by them.

    Tip: Try looking in the yellow pages, phonebook, newspaper, internet, local theatre, or other actors to find reliable agents.

    Thanks, Jammie! If you need to clear anything up, please feel free to ask me.

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