Daughter would like to try modeling.

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My daughter is 16, 5:10 1/2 Japanese and caucasian aout 125 lbs , slim athletic build and has that exotic look to her. All her life she has been told she should be a model and she is now wanting to give it a try. I am looking for information on how to build up her portfolio and in general how to get her started in the field and of course how to not get ripped off nthe process. Thank you for your time. Lisa Fisher

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    Hi Lisa,

    From your description of your daughter, she sounds perfect for fashion modeling. I can direct you to some resources for getting started. A basic rule to remember when checking out agencies is that if they ask for money upfront, and then go find someone else. You will have to spend money on comp cards and a portfolio, but the agency should not be pushing you to get expensive photo shoots or attend schools or conventions. I hope you would do as I suggest you. Just go to these following links on internet and gather all the required information from them.

    FAQ About Modeling:

    Links to major model agencies in LA & NY:

    About avoiding modeling scams:

    An excellent overall resource:

    Another site about scams:

    That should provide you with enough info to make the next move wisely.

    Good luck :o)

    -Candy Keane

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