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I have my question regarding the Red Dance pants that Jody wears on the Center Stage. I would like to know that where I can find the red dance pants that Jody wears on Center Stage? Actually my sister is looking to buy those pants rather eagerly and I would appreciate if I could be guided accordingly.

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  1. Harry

    This question is in regards to the movie during summer break and it was thought to be a pretty good movie. The girl who plays the role of Jody was Amanda Schull. She is basically a corps member in San Francisco Ballet. It is expected to be seen more of her in the upcoming season. Unfortunately, though I despite the fact that Amanda looked really gorgeous, the red pants she wore perhaps went unnoticed. As far as the dresses for girls are concerned, they are quite difficult to find in a way that there are so many similar looking items available but they originate from different brands. It is therefore suggested that either to ask some of the experts, who is a female dancer. Besides, the other reliable option is to check the catalogs of dancewear manufacturers, like Bloch and Sansha or retailers like we have Just for Kids and Discount Dance Supply. You might check the credits for the Center Stage and see who costumed it. You may even find that all of dancewear worn by Judy was specially designed for the movie and not available for retail.

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