DVR-8TL, new, recorded video is two steps below awful!

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DVR is connected to 4 each Defender 520 TVL cameras outdoors and one Speco CVC648IRVHQ540 indoor camera (Dome type). The Composite video Main Out is connected to a Sony 52 inch XBR LCD TV and the VGA is connected to a Samsung SyncMaster 226 monitor. Recorded video is in Event Only. The fps have been set to 240 and down to 30 with cooresponding resolution changes. In all seetings the monitored event video is quite poor--bad enough that I couldn't recognize my own wife walking through the field of view--approximately 8 feet away in 4mm lens. I installed three of these DVRs the same week with different monitors. They all exibit serrated edges on people and poor poor video in general. My take on H264 compression says its really great, past TL series DVRs I have installed have excellent event video. What am I not understanding about these new DVRs? The monitor event video is so poor I am embrassed to turn the systems over to the customers; one of them has already said he wouldn't recognize his wife if she unknowing to him changed clothes and showed up on the monitor! HELP HELP

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