Can some men feel enjoy wearing tights?

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I want to know that can some men enjoy wearing tights. Does anyone know about it? Please tell me that men feel enjoy wearing the tights?

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  1. Guest28426607

    My wife persuaded me to wear tights (and, later, stockings) when we had a holiday in Italy and it was very hot in the evenings. We were visiting nice restaurants and she thought bare legs in my shorts weren't classy enough. So she shaved my legs and lent me her shorts, tights and shoes. I wasn't comfortable at first, but I got to like it by the end of the holiday (and I had quite a few complements from other ladies, telling me how elegant I looked). So, now I wear them whenever I feel like it.

  2. Judi

     There are a lots of positions where men wear tights out-of-doors and it’s not for examines so who cares what it examines like. Personally, I believe tights gaze much better than worries in ballet. I have been obsessed, fascinated and appealed to tights for as long as I can consider, even as young offspring at infant school. I’m not really a transvestite but I’ve shabby a couple of tights more times than I can remember: sometimes with other female clothes, virtually perpetually alone, and sometimes with women present…but perpetually in private. As I will depart on to describe, I first tried some tights on in secret at the age of seven, but even 30 years later, I’ve not ever shabby any in public.
    It’s ironic that these simple item are shabby by millions of women everyday without a second thought, and yet for me, every solitary day of the past 30 years have seen me consider about tights a many deal, but hardly ever wear them. In my faultless world I’d be allowed to wear tights every day. I perform realise of course, another irony: if tomorrow, our society’s statutes about clothing vanished and men could wear tights as women perform today, then the taboo, novelty and fascination with them might well vanish for me. For the time though, like for thousands of other men, tights continue an unspeakably extraordinary confidential obsession; one that they acquaintance not able to blatantly converse or indulge in without several from of guilt or misgivings.

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