DMR-EH57 and TH-P42U20Z

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I have a DMR-EH57. It was previously connected to an old CRT 4:3 TV and worked fine. Yesterday I purchased a Panasonic TH-P42U20Z TV. I have two problems. Firstly, when connecting the recorder to the TV with an HDMI cable, the TV recognises the recorder is there but will not show any picutre or play audio. With the cable connected, pressing a button such as Vierra Link displays the appropriate HDMI port on the top left of the TV and shows the source resolution, but no sound or picture. Secondly, when viewing television or DVD source from the recorder, the image is distorted in that it appears to be tyring to letterbox it. Black bands appear top and bottom and the image is stretched horizontally. Everything is set to 16:9 on both TV and recorder. The recorder is connected to the TV using "AV1" with composite video cables (HDMI disconnected). Setting the tv to "TV" the image is fine. Set it to "AV1" and the image is distorted. This is also the case for playback of previous recordings on the EH57 and playing DVDs. What is very odd though, is that I have a digital cable tv device connected to the EH57 on "AV4". When selecting any channel (including standard free to air channels) on this device, the recorder set to "AV4" (the digital cable device) and the TV set to "AV1" there is no distortion. Frustrated and confused - could really use some help."

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