DIVORCE: US CITIZEN vs. GERMAN CITIZEN father was got married in germany 50 years and divorsed

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father was got married in germany 50 years and divorsed woman after 5 years of marriage in Ethiopia. Father has since got married to an americann and is living currently in US with the same woman for the last 33 years. Is it safe to assume that the american wife is safe when it comes to inheritance?

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    I have a question about divorce under German Law. My husband is British and is a serving British Army Officer. He has been divorced under German law from his ex German wife in July 2006, but no information relating to his pension could be obtained from the British Army at the time of divorce. Therefore, no decision could be taken on equalization of pensions and this remains an outstanding issue.

    His ex wife will take him to court when he retires in 4 years time. My question is: will she be entitiled to a proportion of the lump sum (terminal grant payment) he will receive as part of his pension? If so, will he have to pay it to her as a lump sum when he gets it or as part of the monthly payments he will pay her. Also, How would the judge apportion the occupational pension that he will receive. He was married for 14 years therefore I assume she will be entitled to 7/31 of his monthly pension payments (pension period is 31 years).

    I would be grateful for your response. Thank you.

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    dont know mate

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