Custom duty on Importing a used car to India

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Custom duty on Importing a used car to India? India the world of billion people and millions of cars is place where everyone wants to drive. I would like to send a used car to a family member in india but i do not know what kind of duty i would be paying for.

What is the custom duty on importing a used car to india please help.

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  1. npatel123

    Why don't you buy it in India?. I do not see any advantage to import used car in India. shipping + duty + insurance may cost u more. My friend did this 4 months before and he paid 110% custom duty. Some used car dealers like Mahindra First Choice offers wide range of used cars in many cities in India.

  2. Guest22595585

    import duty on used car is around 200% on the value of the car valued by indian customs and not on the purchase price or the invoice price as it can always be send doing under valuation, even if someone sending you the car as gift you still have to have 200% custom duty as the the indian custom valuation of the car ...

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