Current Musicals in London United Kingdom

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My father is planning for a visit to London United Kingdom; he needs to know about the details regarding Current Musicals in London United Kingdom, as he is very fond of Music. Please help.

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  1. Angelina

     "As well as long-running London musicals like Billy Elliot, The Lion King, and Mamma Mia, you'll find the present best features of London's world-class melodious theatre offerings. It is not a good idea to miss the London theatre show if you're travelling to the capital.

    Billy Elliot: The Musical
    Acclaimed adaptation of the well liked British film. Until Dec 11

    Jersey Boys
    The article of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Until Apr 12

    Dirty Dancing
    A smash-hit melodious type of the film. Booking until Jul 11

    A dazzling melodious about the witches of Oz. Booking to Apr 12

    We Will Rock You
    See strike melodious We Will Rock You in London. Booking til Jul 11

    The Lion King
    The Lion King: dazzling costumes and astonishing music. Until Jan 12

    Naked Boys Singing!
    At the Charing Cross Theatre: the name states it all! Until 18 Jun

    Phantom of the Opera
    See Lloyd Webber's epic in London's West End. Until Oct 11

    Mamma Mia!
    Summery feel-good display founded on ABBA's music. Until Apr 12

    Thriller – Live
    See this Michael Jackson melodious tribute in London. Until 25 Sep

    Stomp's stimulating new London display is on now! Booking until Oct 11

    Legally Blonde the Musical
    Susan McFadden stars as Elle at the Savoy Theatre. Until Mar 12"

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