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I am a mother of 2 children; we are planning to visit some good art galleries here. I need to know the information regarding current Exhibitions in London United Kingdom. Please help, thank you in advance.

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  1. Angelina

     "Don't forget to look the best London creative pursuits at London's astonishing variety of art galleries and museums. Find out what's on with choose of the peak London exhibitions.

    See more than 150 works by Miró at Tate Modern. Until 11 Sep

    Yohji Yamamoto
    Major latest tendency retrospective at the V&A. Until 10 Jul

    Watercolours spanning 800 years at Tate Britain. Until 21 Aug

    Titanic Exhibition
    Read about the public displaying and glimpse exclusive footage. Until 30 Jul

    The Welcome Collection's filthy new exhibition. Until 31 Aug

    Australian Season
    Explore life Down Under at the British Museum. Until 16 Oct

    Once Upon A Wartime
    Family-friendly public displaying about children's books. Until 30 Oct

    Judith Kerr Retrospective
    Explore the world of children's scribe Judith Kerr. Until 4 Sep

    Treasures from Afghanistan at the British Museum. Until 17 Jul

    London Street Photography
    London road photographs at Museum of London. Until 4 Sep

    The Enchanted Palace
    Fashion designers at Kensington Palace. Until 30 Jun 2012

    At Home in Japan
    Explore a Japanese dwelling at the Geffrye Museum. Until 29 Aug

    The Cult of Beauty
    The V&A journals the British Aesthetic movement. Until 17 Jul

    Tracey Emin
    Famous works by Tracey Emin at Hayward Gallery. Until 29 Aug

    Swashbuckling public displaying in London. Until 30 Oct

    RA Summer Exhibition
    The focus of London's art calendar. Until 15 Aug"

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