Cuckoo clock pendulum stops swinging

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Cuckoo clock pendulum stops swinging

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  1. Guest28321499

     My cuckoo clock pendulum stops swinging when it swings for a few moments  it does not make the ticking noise the clock is checked for leveling what could be the problem

  2. Guest27923890

    I placed the clock on its back on a table, heard a bong sound, when i hung it on the wall the pendulum will move for a while then stops.  I hope there is not a trip to the cuckoo hospital... usually over 100.00

  3. Guest11123546
    Hi, First make sure the clock is level on the wall. If it still doesnt run move the bottom slightly to the left. If it runs longer and then stops move it a little more left. If there was no improvement then go straight back to level and move to the right following the same pattern as above. 2nd If the clock hasn't been oiled in years then dry oil may be a problem. Don't spray WD-40 or anything into the clock. It will gum it up and will not reach the critical part called the escape wheel and pallet. I answer questions everyday on cuckoo clock problems. Just go to my website and click on a spinning red mailbox to email me your question. 3rd Remove the pendulum and see if that little metal hanger sticking out will run by itself. If it will then you have wear and need oil. Have a nice day! John "Papa" Barnette

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