Crepe Myrtle Won't Bloom

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My mother who by the way is the best in the world has a crepe myrtle. We all live on the outskirts of Columbia, SC. My mothers Crepe Myrtles looks completely healthy but it only bloomed one year and never since. Can someone help please.

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  1. Kelly K
    Here are some things you can do and i have listed some normal causes of it below. Amount of sun might not be in your control so work on what you can do. I would fertilize with a decent fertilizer at the rate of around one lb of fertilizer per accumulated inch of trunk diameter. Make sure it has sufficient water. Use something around the tree to keep the moisture in just make sure trunk is not covered with anything. Without going into the exact details of your mothers Crept and without examine the soil and conditions in your area here are some common reason why crept myrtle do not bloom properly. 1.We all live on sunlight and crept myrtle are no different – it needs at least 6 to 8 hours of full sun to flower well so check your sunlight duration. 2. H2O yes Water might not be enough --- Crape myrtles are very drought tolerant once established, but flowering can be enhanced with irrigation during extended dry periods. 3. Check your fertilization - Trees that are continually fertilized with nitrogen will put on a lot of vegetative growth but may not flower as profusely 4. It shoots blanks (Low Fertility) – Crape myrtles benefit from an application of a complete fertilizer in early spring to produce enough energy for growth and flower production

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