Courses offered at Adventist University of Philippines

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I am planning to take admission at Adventist University and I want to know about the courses offered at Adventist University of Philippines. So that I can take admission in the course related to my interest.

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  1. Philippines Guide

    here are seven different colleges of Adventist University of Philippines that are offering different courses. Here is the detail of two colleges of Adventist University offering courses:
    College of Arts, Sciences and Technology
    1. Undergraduate Courses:
    • Bachelor of Arts
    Majors: English
    History Minor in Political Science
    • Bachelor of Library and Information Science
    • Bachelor of Music
    Majors: Music Education
    Piano Performance
    Voice Performance
    • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
    Majors: Animal Science
    Crop Science
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology
    • Bachelor of Science in Development Communication
    • Bachelor of Science in Electronics Technology
    • Bachelor of Science
    Majors: Agricultural Technology
    Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    • Bachelor of Tradigital Fine Arts
    Major: Visual Communications and Design
    • Two-Year Programs:
    Associate in Arts – Fine Arts
    Associate in Computer Technology
    Technical-Vocational Education Programs – TESDA
    2. Graduate Programs:
    Master of Arts in Psychology
    Master of Science in Biology
    Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology
    College of Business
    Undergraduate Courses:
    • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    Majors: Business Management
    Business Management, minor in Hotel and Restaurant Management
    Financial Management
    Marketing Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting
    • Bachelor of Science in Information Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Office Administration
    Majors: Computer
    Office Management
    Secretarial Education
    • Associate in Office Administration (2 years)
    Graduate Programs:
    • Master in Business Administration
    Majors: Accounting and Finance
    Business Management
    Hospital and Health Care Management
    Human Resource Management
    Information Management
    • Master in Public Administration
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce

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