Could my teacher be a creep?

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I think my teacher could be a creep. At the beginning of the yr I got kind of a strange vibe from him but figured ehh I’m sure its nothing. After all he is married and has kids. And he seems outgoing.

Okay so anyway he is always standing by me. Like the whole class period. I thought maybe he just idk liked that particular area of the room but we change seats every marking period and he stands right by me like wherever I sit. Once I sat like in the front of the room behind an empty desk and he would always sit on it and like read the things out of my book or my work sheet. Now I sit on the opposite side of the room and there is a whole row of empty desks and he sits their now on the one beside me all the time or stands by me. The one day he was their for so long even after he was done talking about the lesson. Its hard for me to work when a teacher is that close to me. Any teacher so I looked over because I knew I wasn’t going to be their the next day to ask what we were doing ( I figured it might be less awkward if I said something )and he was just staring at me. So anyway I did ask and he was like why aren’t you going to be here? And I was just like because..and he asked why again and I said because again but then I was like because I have a dr.appt and was like nope no dr.s for u and when rambling on about something. And he never answered me he sat their and eventually left. He seems to always be around me.

Ohh and when he is passing things out he will lean over me to give kids their papers. The one time my friend needed a paper because she was absent and he gave these other 2 ppl that were close to her theirs but then walked around leaned over me and gave the paper to her. Idk maybe he forgot but…

Also their have been a few assignments I did not do and he gave me full credit for them.(not that I mind that though lol)

I’m not going to report him or anything like that I just want others opinions. Am I crazy? Or what do you think?

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