Could I be pregnant? Sorry for the TMI below.

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Hi! I'm 15 years old and I'm currently awaiting for my period. My last period was April 4th, 2010. It's been around 50 days since then. My periods however have ranged from 36 days to 51 days apart in the past year or so. It's my third year on my period, and it's always been sort of "unpredictiable." The only INDICATORS I've ever had are my backaches and other weird feelings. Now however I feel funny, not like I usually do before a period. 14 days after my last regular period, my boyfriend and I went to third base. I did not give him a B******b. He gave him a hand job, and he ate me out/fingered me. His p***s never went in my v****a, I repeat his p***s never went in my v****a. We did not have s*x. I guess my question is - could I be pregnant? Is my period not coming because of stress, or is because I am pregant? Seriously help!!

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