How to find ballet dance costumes for competitions?

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I am choreographing a dance for my 10 year old sister and 6 of her friends. I need some help with their ballet costumes; and so I need any ideas about getting best costumes. Please help. Thanks

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  1. Sash

     The perfect dance outfit for ballet should be designed to fit the dancer. It is important that a ballerina's costume fit well. You should really consider attending some early fittings prior to development of the final, complete design.
    Here are few examples that will help you to get the best costume for your sister and her friends in the ballet competition:
    • Getting Costumes on Rent as there are many rental agencies which provide the facility of renting out dance costumes of any sort.
    • Purchasing Pre-Owned at a very less price.
    • If you have the sufficient financial resources buy new ready-to-wear costumes
    • Get customized dance costumes for competitions for perfect size and fit of the dresses available in the market.

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