Cost of hair transplant in Pakistan.

by Bilal Abbasi  |  8 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I want to have a hair transplant from Pakistan and looking for the details about the price of hair transplant. Do you know that how much is the Cost of hair transplant in Pakistan?

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  1. Guest28103164

    Hair Transplant in Pakistan, one of Pakistan’s leading specialist clinics recent advances in hair restoration techniques have made it almost impossible to detect that a person has had a treatment. The results are amazing, a complete natural look that lasts forever.

  2. shoesus51


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  3. Guest28098519

    I had hair transplant. My surgeon was Dr.Chaudhry.I had NW 6 and undero my first hair transplant session.My doc told me that i need two sessions minimum to cover my bald area.
    Before that i have gone to internet search and what i concluded there should be three points for a good hair transplant
    1- Totally natural hair line and undetactable results
    2- Minimal scar on donor area
    3-Hair direction and curve of hair should be normal.
    I discussed these points to my doc in the initial consultation and meet some of his patients and they were satisfied with the results.


  4. jimmyjjohn

    [url=]Fue Hair Transplant in Pakistan[/url]

    Fue Hair Transplant hair loss treatment and replacement surgery in Pakistan as it provides natural undetectable results with minimum disruption to our patients' busy demanding schedules with perfect professional preparedness, maximum safety and comfort, our focus is on safe, effective and innovative treatments.

  5. Guest23087221

    Hello,i had hair transplant 8 months back from Lahore.There are two methods of hair transplantation.One is with strip and second is new one called Follicular Unit Extraction.I had FUE hair transplant technique and paid 1.15 euro/graft or 120 rupee/graft.I had almost 2000 grafts and my surgeon was Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and his clinic name is Comoderma Clinic(,I believe strip surgery is half price from FUE.

    My hair growth is pretty good and i am satisfied at the moment and his expertise is excellent.

  6. Guest22807670

    Its costs near about 50 to 60 thousand rupees in Pakistan.

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