Cosmopolitan Raspberry Twist Cocktail Recipe

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How to make Cosmopolitan Raspberry Twist Recipe. Step by step guide to cook Cosmopolitan Raspberry Twist using cranberry, raspberry vodka, fresh limes & lime juice.

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    A Cosmopolitan Raspberry Twist is an elegant cocktail that can be served in multiple functions throughout the year. This unique drink is very easy and simple to make and can take many flavors like apple, pomegranate, and lemon. This recipe makes two drinks but you can increase the quantity of the ingredients in case if you want to entertain more than two guests. This refreshing drink contains Smirnoff raspberry-flavored vodka, cranberry juice, and fresh limejuice. Make this ubiquitous party cocktail in your upcoming party as the raspberry flavour makes this cocktail very easy to drink and gives a perfect sweet taste to take away the bitterness of the drink. Ingredients (serves two people and take just 5 minutes) (4 fluid ounces) properly chilled Smirnoff raspberry vodka (1 fluid ounce) triple sec (3 fluid ounces) cranberry juice 2 frozen raspberries 2 slices fresh limes for garnishing purpose “optional 1 fresh lime juice

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