In which movie Elvis is shown jumping over a Corvette?

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I am a big fan Elvis Presley, I saw this Elvis Presley’s movie, I guess it was his 31st movie, in which there is a scene where Elvis is shown to be jumping up over the back of a top down white 55 Corvette, and he jumps into the cockpit and drives the car away in full speed. I would like to know the movie’s name? I am not exactly sure about the release date of this movie, but I guess it was in mid 60’s that this film was released. I am hopeful that you will inform me with the right answer.

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  1. Mitchel

    It’s a nice question, the movie in which Elvis jumped in to the cockpit of corvette is Spinout. This movie was made in 1966, but your question mentions a 55 corvette, as far as I remember, the only movie in which Elvis Presley drove a 55 Corvette, was Blue Hawaii. The car that was used in this movie was in red color, with a white colored top.
    Blue Hawaii is a musical film, which was shot in the state of Hawaii. This movie is about a young man Chad, who has just left army, and is glad to be back to his normal life. He starts his life in Hawaii among his friends and girlfriend. He starts his career in girlfriend’s travel agency where he assumes the role of a travel agent. It also includes song sung by Presley.

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