I want to know about Contractions during labor.

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I'm only 27 weeks but I'm at high risk for preterm labor because of a thinning/shortening cervix. I want to know about the contractions during labor so that I can be aware.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Pre labor is also known as prodromal labor, It is the sign which shows that the labor is about to start. It also shows that your body is getting ready for the labor. Sometimes Prodormal labor is also named as false labor. Although it starts as traditional labor but it fades away at the progression stages of birth of baby. Another good thing is that although the phase of contraction occurs in every one but not everyone feels this stage of labor. This shows that every women will feel the symptom of such activity. Basically it is described to show the physical changes occurring in the body.
    Sometimes Premature labor is termed as preterm labor and can cause some complications if not dealt properly. The problem is most women do not understand the signs of premature labor thus resulting in complications for the baby and also risking their life.
    Here are some signs of premature labor which you can look for.
    If you feel contractions or cramps for more than 5 in one hour.
    Passing of red blood occurs from your v****a.
    If you feel pain during urination, or possible urinary tract, bladder or any sign of kidney infection.
    Sudden gush of watery fluid from your v****a occurs.
    If you feel pain in the lower back.
    Intense pelvic pressure occurs.
    You should consult your doctor immediately if any of the above symptoms occur.
    There are various things which can be done to stop this problem,
    Medication can be used as prescribed by the doctor to stop the labor, also medication can be used to prevent infection and it is used for the development of baby’s lungs more quickly.

  2. Guest4639
    they could be just braxton hicks hun, but regradless of when you have ta see the doc again I think you should still go and check it out because of your condition even get a second opinion... Better safe aye?

    Good luck

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