Contoh discussion text?

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Contoh discussion text? what the h**l is it and why is my teacher making me find out more information about it?

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     goblog banget...!!!

  2. Mitchel

    Well, it took me a while to lookup fopr the real meaning of Contoh discussion text on net, and finally i came to know, that Contoh, is an Indonesian word, which means example. Hence, Contoh discussion text, stands for example of a discussion text. Your teacher, wants you to give example of discussion texts, on different topics. As, discussion follows a different format as compared to  a normal writing.

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    the use of mobile phone for student at school
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    goblog lah...
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    gimana sich buat discussion teks
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    contoh discussion text ???
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    shopping in supermarket is better than shopping in traditional market
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    contoh DISCUSSION TEXT bisa dilihat di

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