Continued cross stitch patterns on eBay?

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Any idea who has biggest collection of Counted cross stitch patterns on eBay. Can you tell me about the pattern of eBay? When was this eBay site launched?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    eBay is an American company that manages , it is an online auction and shopping website by which people can buy and sell a buy a broad range of goods and services. It was founded in the year 1995. It is also one of the most successful dot-com bubble. It has a multi million dollars business with operations spread over thirty countries. But now it has become a standard shopping website.
    In the year April 2006, eBay opened its eBay Express site, that is designed to work like a standard Internet shopping site for the consumers with the addresses of United States. It was closed in the year 2008. The eBay items somewhat reflect the same options which are mentioned in eBay Express, and at this site there is a shopping cart which is available to purchase from multiple sellers. The version of United Kingdom was launched for the eBay members on the mid October 2006. The German eBay Express was opened in 2006 and it closed in the year 2008.
    Some of the famous Cross Stitch Patterns are
    Van Gogh Cornflowers Poppies Cross Stitch Pattern Chart. It is also rated as top rated seller as its price is $6.49. Another type of Cross Stitch pattern are Hardanger Liturgical Stoles and they cost about $2.50. Another Cross Stitch pattern is Pattern Mag , country sportsman 2 deer fish. There are 31 pages of Christmas Cross Stitch that costs about $2.99. 5 BOOKLETS with Cross Stitch Patterns are $2.59. The Cross Stitch rabbits bunnies Pattern only that costs about $1.22. 4 Counted Cross Stitch Pattern Books are of $9.00.

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