Have any idea about Barry Manilow Contact information?

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I am a big fan of Barry Manilow and want to know some about Barry Manilow and about his performance at Las Vegas. Please! Can someone tell me about the contact information of Barry Manilows?

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  1. Judi

    Legendary singer-songwriter Barry Manilow's all new display full of melodies and illusion is now playing to jubilant gatherings interior the intimate Paris Théâtre at Paris Las Vegas! Positive reconsiders and ecstatic follower responses assisted boot off this two-year residency that presents the genuine and unforgettable pieces of music of this stimulating, full of power entertainer in a entire new light.
    Over the past 35 years, pieces of music like “Copacabana,” “Mandy” and “Can’t Smile without You” have made Barry Manilow a factual melodious icon. He’s the top-selling, top-charting mature individual up to designated day creative individual of all time, with 80 million notes traded to designated day and 25 successive Top 40 strikes between 1975 and 1983.
    His display at Paris Las Vegas is different anything you’ve glimpsed from him before, customized for the intimate and dignified 1,500 chair showroom. “The assembly in Vegas is habitually energized and electric driven, so I understand that the Paris Las Vegas is going to be an exceptional run,” Manilow said. “I’m designing certain thing new for this performance; decisively not to be missed.”
    Here is address of Mr. Manilow's manager, Garry Kief at Stiletto Entertainment. I think it is helpful for you to wish his birthday. You will find Mr. Kief's contact information below. I hope this information is helpful. Here is Mr. Kief's contact information: Mr. Garry Kief, C/O Stiletto Entertainment, P.O. Box 45348, Los Angeles, CA 90045, Phone: (310) 957-5757 Ext. 220.

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