Contact Lenses and Eye Infections??

by zarnigar  |  11 years, 1 month(s) ago

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lenses - can anyone tell me how can our eye get infected by using contact lenses.what is protien removing from lens.

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  1. Kevin
    Eyes are the a very sensitive area. If you dont clean your contact lenses on regular basis it can cause eye infection as alot of germs and bacterias hit your eyes on regular basis and contact lense have the capacity of catching them on the surface area. Protien solution or lense solution is a solution in which you are supposed to drench your lenses in when you take them off. It not only keeps them moist which avoids the probability if lense damage but also disinfects the contact lenses. The reason why it is advised to clean your lenses in protien solution is because drenching the lenses in that cleans all the external bodies off the contact lenses.

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