Controversies over Elvis Presley’s death.

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There is lot of things which were said for the death of Elvis, some say that it is due to heart attack while some call it for other reasons, what factors were involved in his death.

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  1. Guest28417391
    Elvis his life was based on fame as money once he achieved that he had nothing else to live for. In such life he learnt many hard lessons. Next time (now) he'll be a tad wiser, his aim will be love & wisdom.

  2. Tom Reeds

    Guralnick wrote that Drug was the main cause of death of Presley. Some sources also say that he had allergy from codeine pills, he took those pills and because he had allergies for such pills that also contributed to his health deterioration. There was another report which was filed after two months of the death of the singer Elvis Presley which said that polypharmacy was the main cause of death of Elvis as it included fourteen drugs and the report said that all these fourteen drug were found in the Elvis’ body out of which ten of such drugs were in significant amount. Doctors say that Elvis had enlarged heart for quite a long period of time and it was due to drugs that he used for a long period of time and this resulted in his death.
    There are some questions which were raised on the competencies of doctors like it was said that they issued the report where they stated that the cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia and it is a condition which can only determined when a person is alive. While another doctor named Nichopoulos prescribed extensive dose of medicines for Presley which were not suitable. Although there was lot said about the drug usage the main cause of death of Elvis, however there were not enough proof that polypharmacy can result in death of Elvis.

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