Comparing Implements for Writing

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Comparing Implements for Writing Experiment with examples, video, online tutorials & instructions with methodologies.

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    Although most writers these days prefer using electronic type writers, computers and laptops but the significance of conventional writing instruments can never be disregarded. You cannot have a type writer or a laptop in your pocket every time like a simple ball point or pencil. Hence, there has to be something unique about these writing instruments which make them good for this purpose. Let us conduct a simple experiment in order to find out the which is the best conventional writing tool, when there can be some other instruments used for the same purpose. And, this can be a cost effective school project too! Make sure that before trying to perform the experiment you have the below items available. Required items: - Ink (or edible colors) - Paper - Nail of normal size - Toothpick (plastic or wooden) - Plastic drinking straw - Pen nib and pen holder - Scissors - Ruler - Pen or pencil - Note Pad

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