Foster MR-8 digital multitraker connectivity.

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I have a FOSTER MR-8 digital multitracker connected to a Yamaha MG10/2 mixing console and a Yamaha CP-80 electric piano. How can I record a song?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The new MR-8 Mk2 is a revolutionary system to record songs . It has a unique facility of multi-tracking . Multi- tracking requires few minutes to learning its operations. It is a one of the best devices we have in the market to capture whatever we wish to record.
    To make the best use of MR-8 MK II the controls and its functions need to be placed on the top panel instead of burying it in the confusing menu system. Apart from all this there is a great option of editing effects, digital effects, guitar amplifiers, microphone simulators, handy mix down effects, it also provides the hook up option in the form of editing and backing up songs.
    You can easily make CD masters and it has been made more simple as it provides easy connectivity by USB host.
    The recording time in the normal mode is approximately 25 track minutes on the supplied 128 MB and also 50 track minutes on a 256 MB track. There can be variation in the recording time due to the status of the recording source.

    Here are some more features of this device:
    It is the world’s first 8- track device which provides a truly unique recording experience with the usage of CompactFlash memory card.
    It also provides ultra high quality sound of upto 16 bit resolution at 44.1 kHz without distorting and complicating the compression.
    It also provides 2 track simultaneous recording system.

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