Requirements for Commercial modeling.

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I just wanted to know a little more about commercial modeling. I have read that there are no height requirements, I would be interested in doing catalogs or advertisements, is it very hard to get started? The only step we have ever taken was going to a talent agency when me and my sisters were younger, and were asked to read lines for a commercial. Would it be best to go to another one of these talent agencies, or should we try to get an agent? Do I need a portfolio? Thanks in advance!

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    Most agencies do not have a height requirement for commercial modeling although there is a few that have an in-house policy of asking for a minimum height. There's no real reason to have one, since commercial models do not model clothing, nor do they do live modeling (such as runway). Depending on where you live, it usually isn't that difficult to get started. However, if you live in an area where there isn't much work (say, Kansas City as opposed to New York City) it can be harder to find an agency within a reasonable drive, and locate commercial print photographers - as you are usually asked to provide a modeling composite card to prospective agencies for consideration, and then again when you sign with an agency or agencies. Quite a few talent agencies also have a commercial modeling division, and you can look up a list of talent agencies on the Screen Actors Guild website:, under Talent Basics, Agency Information. Those agencies marked as Full Service, are those that have a commercial print division in addition to representing actors. I would suggest calling them to make certain, and to ask if they are looking for new models. If they are, be sure to ask what they need from you. A portfolio is not required, but as I mentioned before a modeling composite card may be. If so, you should start by finding photographers in your area with at least some experience shooting commercial models. Otherwise you could end up with a comp card that doesn't market you well. There are quite a few books written on the subject of commercial modeling (available in your local library, bookstore or online) that can show you as well as explain in detail what should be on a comp card. Often the books contain agency listings as well as other reference and resources.

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