Where can I buy colored rice?

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I have heard that mixing dry rice with food colors works very well. I wanted to purchase some of the colored rice, any idea where can I get one?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    You can use colored rice in making various art and other projects to create an interesting material work to make an attractive product. It can be used for Mosaic pictures, you can use colored rice to create bookmarks or greeting cards kids enjoy writing their name with colored rice.
    Colored Rice is also used in making jewellery. You can create a colored rice ring and simply fill the hardware with colored rice. You can create several colors of colored rice and mix the bags together in a cake pan. They are also used for decoration purposes. You can fill the pouches with colored rice and seal gets closed.
    You can purchase colored rice from the following websites.

  2. Guest4067
    here ya go...
  3. Guest3877
    I used kool-aid. add water to a bowl of rice and add water and a pack of kool-aid till just above the rice. let soak till it takes a color, then let air dry on paper towels overnight. This rice smells good!
  4. Guest2072
    Put coloured rice into your web search and you will have several listings come up!! Take your pick and see which one gives you what you are looking for!! Good luck!!!
  5. Guest1922
    I have looked and never been able to find a place to buy it! I did start mixing it with alcohol food coloring. It dries really fast and can be ready to play with in about an hour. It just takes enough alcohol to coat the rice and put in add color to your choice.
  6. Guest3860
    We get our supplies from Discount School Supply and Lakeshore.

    Any local teaching stores or arts and craft stores may have it as well.

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