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Sir i attended comedk counselling as a late comer since i was hoping to get a seat at nit in second round. My rank in comedk was 2149 . I would have got a better college at my turn.i have a chance to get a good college in m.p. Should i choose bangalore college not in top 100. Or one in m.p. In top 100 .presently i have chosen electrical and electronics in don bosco institute bangalore. In m.p. I can get sgsits indore or jec jabalpur

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    selecting a college is an important decision one that you have to live with for a good while. so the selection should be based on lot more than just the rank and to tell you the truth what is the rank based on; academic achievements, post graduate success or the college experience. You should choose the college that has fair academic curriculum, amazing student life, it has the right infrastructure in terms of building, equipments, professors etc. and the best ways to do that is to make a short list of the colleges you want to attend; do reference checks from people you know plus call the college and ask if you can contact some past students and most importantly visit the college and see things for yourself. make notes of all the good things and bad things and then make your decision based on that. its sad to see; buying a car we pay attention to even the smallest details yet when it comes to our life; we choose based on doing no real homework. "Pick the college you are going to love" nature will take care of the rest.

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