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I have been trying to find out for years who is the singer performing the Cole Porter songs featured in the movie Sleuth - 1974, directed by Joseph Mankiewicz, with Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier: You do something to me, Just one of those things and Anything goes. The movie opening and ending credits only mention Music & Lyrics Cole Porter next to these three song titles. The movie soundtrack also does not include these songs, it covers only the music composed and conducted by John Addison for the movie. I have listened to internet samples of these songs sung by various male artists singing, but have not found a conclusive match, not even that it would be Cole Porter himself. Can you help with identifying the mystery guy?

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  1. Tom Reeds
    Sleuth is a mystery movie which was released in the year 1972, it also won the Tony Award by playing the same title by British playwright named Anthony Shaffer. The screenplay was adapted by Shaffer and it was directed by Joseph L Mankiewicz. The cast of the movie included Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine. Andrew Wyke is a healthy and writer of detective novels who use to play elaborated games. Milo Tindle is having an affair with his wife Marguerite, Wyke invites him to the house in Wiltshire. After few months a police car reaches Wyke’s door and someone begins to knock. Wyke’s tries to hide while Tindle comes crawling bleeding and shows the mechanical toys which come to life and get the attention of the police. Tindle then laughs and tells that it is a joke.

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