How I can start my Car in Cold Weather?

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Hi, I have a car, it is in good condition but as weather changes to cold it become hard to start, could you tell how to start Car in Cold Weather?

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  1. kate

     Cold weather can make your car difficult or impossible to start. Taking some preventative measures can keep your car ready to roll at any time. When temperatures drop, follow these steps to help you start a car in cold weather. For your ease you can fallow these instructions:
    • If possible the always try to park your car inside a garage or under a carport, Keeping your car under cover can lessen the effects of snow and extreme temperatures on your car.
    • Put the key in the ignition, and try to start the car. If it does not start within 5 seconds, stop and wait a minute before trying it again. If you car is not fuel-injected, you should pump the gas once or twice before turning the key.
    • Make sure your car's battery is new and full of power and apply heat to the engine bay of the car. Use a circulator heater designed for warming engine bays. This will heat up the fluids in the engine and make the car easier to start.
    • Allow the car to sit in the Park or Neutral position after starting. The oil needs time to warm up and thin before you drive.

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